We check on explicit requests.

The Austrian-German Academy for Traditional Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (OEDA) was founded in Mannheim in 2010. As an academy, it checks application and own wish, individual traditional officers, or traditional non-commissioned officers or entire associations and groups and employs them after a successful examination Tradition's Diploma from OEDA. the OEDA. This certifies that OEDA graduates have an appropriate and flawless level of training, as well as a correct, elegant appearance in historical uniform. 

The following are checked for example:

  • Adjustment and correct wearing of the uniform in all variants of the uniform
  • The correct wearing of decorations and an encouragement not to wear historical medals and decorations
  • Completeness, behaviour and appearance in uniform
  • Commands and sabre/sword hilts
  • Registration and Greeting
  • Marching in a group or lined up individually
  • Carrying and Handling of Weapons (Salute)
  • Knowledge about commemorations, memorials, Regimental and Unit / Association history, historical context of the period 1806-1918, etc.
Sample of the OEDA Diploma